Dark Matter Part 3 – Yay for the Higgs Boson

 1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. 
2: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. 
3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. 
4: And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. 5: And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day. 
6: And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 

1.  The initiation of space-time.

2.  Which initially was invisible or perhaps opaque, and lacked any structure (waters).

3. Light or the potential for light was created along with space-time: its appearance merely awaited the divine signal.

4. Light and darkness presumably were originally homogenous(?): at this point in time they were divided or clinically separated.  Both darkness and light are created phenomena.

5. Time is already ticking over.

6. The brand new universe is expanding, and gravitational segregation has begun. (Firmament equals an expansion.)

Where does the Higgs Boson concept fit?

At (2) all matter was stupendously compact and energetic. No object could have been travelling below light speed. According to the known laws of physics, nothing with mass can travel at the speed of light. So, where did the universe get its mass?

Higgs’s idea was essentially that those speeding, massless ‘particles’ found themselves in a sea of something-or-others, named ‘bosons’, which, when encountered by the other something-or-others, gave the other something-or-others their mass.  Not that it was as if the bosons had any mass to give: these Higgs’s hingammies are real enough if you can catch them with a very fast camera shutter (so to speak) but whether they are really there or not in our time-governed world is perhaps debatable.  Notably, no sooner are they detected, the little pikers turn into light photons or crazy quarks or something.  The light photon aspect is possibly significant.

Another way of visualizing the early universe scenario is perhaps as follows. “In the beginning, space-time was created.  Mass did not even exist.  Existence itself only existed in the person of God and the created angels.  There was nothing here – only void. But that seemingly valueless dead loss, had potential.   Matter is organized energy.  The energy initially was so brand new, none of the organizational capacity had yet  kicked in (we are possibly talking fractions of a second?)  but as soon as it did, light began to shine.  Until that moment, light could not shine: light and darkness were one.”

What happened to the darkness, after whatever it was was divided into light and darkness? Hmm.

The Higgs idea is perhaps most easily thought of simply as time-space interacting with an organizational capacity which thus manifests as a subatomic particle.  Time and the speed of light are intimately involved.  Light, of course, is timeless.  Below the speed of light, we have our time.  Above the speed of light, time goes backwards. So, time, and light, are involved in giving objects mass – and because mass is mysteriously attracted to mass, we have gravity.

Here are a series of entries recently made at the Sydney Morning Herald, mid-July, 2012.  The article is titled  A Modern Creation Story.

Higgs’s was beaten to the mark by nearly a century by one A. Einstein. Einstein showed conclusively that there is no reality unless something can be located or described relative to something else. In other words, just as Kepler put the sun, a type or figure of God, at the centre of the planets, Einstein put God at the centre of Everything. The only way that anything can exist, or be measured, is for there to be God, relative to whom, things are real. Hence, Relativity. As for knowing that God exists, personally and really, “…He that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” And that also is a scientific, testable law.

Bunji, eh?

philip bruce  heywood


Doc. K.,
You know as well as I that Einstein was one of the pioneers of Quantum Physics. Like Hawkings, and, for that matter, Higgs, he was unable to come up with the mathematical formula for Everything — and possessed enough humility to acknowledge the fact. Is there a mathematical formulation of the Cosmos? No, and never shall be. Why? Because gravity is not a created substance as such: it is an ongoing action of the Divine. The All Blacks have as good a chance of finding a formulation of Everything, as do the physicists. “The earth and all the inhabitants thereof are dissolved; I bear up the pillars of it” The Bible here says that gravity gives all things their form, and the ‘pillar’, which is the effect of gravity, has at one end, the Creator. The other end is force equals mass times the inverse of distance squared, or whatever it is. Since Divinity cannot be quantified mathematically, Hawkings, Higgs (if he speculated on such matters) and Co., have been bashing a brick wall. Einstein, to his credit, appears to have had more sense.

As for the personal aspect of Christianity — the science aspect is an aside — either the Creator is a fraud and a failure, or these words are true: “Look unto me, and be ye saved [delivered from destruction], all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else.”


Good heavens, Dick G.; how do you put up with it? After reading some of these comments, I’m joining you and abandoning any mention of religion whatsoever.

Let me thank the gentleman who knows how to spell Hawking. The only item of fact and rationality I gained from this exercise in masochism. Messrs Kiwi & C.,Martin, should read the one-legged pirate’s entry. You could be enlightened. Only, gravity isn’t the result of being overwhelmed by noodles, it’s caused by excessive verbal spouting, the trigger of mega gravitational events which could deteriorate into black holes, and suck cyberspace and the SMH thereinto. Yes, I know you shouldn’t end a sentence with ‘to’. But being sucked down into a black hole did not sound quite correct. After all, Professor Hawking (NO S) would disapprove. My sympathy to the Noderator! Or should that be noodlerater?

You might notice I give my full name. That was so that people who are ‘doctors’, noodle merchants, and rantocanters generally, need not jump in without looking and bump their precious selves. But obtaining facts is not the habit of self- professed convinced persons.

I came to this site because I regularly check under CREATION THEORY. My publications, which end the Origins Controversy, are often the top result (not today — more like third or fourth, today) and have been the top or near-top result for years. This forum happens to be mentioned on the same GOOGLE page. Hence my curiosity.

Higgs’s is early days yet, but not without points of interest.

Will someone here learn to GOOGLE stuff? And, no. I won’t be spending my life correcting people who are so religiously convinced that they are greater than GOOGLE, WIKIPEDIA, and for that matter, CAMBRIDGE RELATIVITY QUANTUM GRAVITY. Give sanity a break.

Gravity is rather different from the other physical forces, whose classical description involves fields (e.g. electric or magnetic fields) propagating in spacetime. The classical description of gravity is given by general relativity, which says that the gravitational force is related to the curvature of spacetime itself.

Thanks for the invitation, but I happen to have family members who will debate, “Which end of the egg do we chop, eh. Doctor Gulliver?” You could catch up on me, over in the archives at TALKORIGINS.PANDA’S THUMB.

P.B H., ex Geological Survey of Queensland.


Ah. Lucidity at last. Captain Flint, the parrot, when he (she?) comes back to us, will be named Phoenix.

Pen of hrba; As you suggest, the googling you do is mostly in the bathtub?

Have a splash at what you have written:
“In coming to terms with gravity we must consider that the planets and stars also move by distortions in space and time, and the effect of mass and gravity may be warping of space and time as everything that has mass creates distortions.”
Not exactly the way everyone would express it, but certainly to the point when considering Higgs’s thesis. (Not that I am any further advanced in the relevant mathematics than Higgs’s parrot would have been, had there been such a worthy animal.)

1) Subatomic particles (quanta) such as electrons have mass. Does gravity have any effect whatsoever upon such particles? If so, would gravity, operating constantly over immense periods of time, have some effect upon the basic structure of matter? The answer, of course, is, No: but how is it No?

2) What mathematical formulation explains why matter attracts matter (gravity)? The answer, again, is, No known mathematical formulation. Matter possesses no known describable property which accounts for gravity.

Hence, the interest in Higgs’s formulations — which I do not pretend to understand and which no-one I have heard of pretends to claim are the force of gravitational attraction.

The quantum universe makes sense — measured from the reference frame of light. Light defines the universe; the universe does not define light. Quanta, such as electrons, often approach light speed. Their mass increases greatly at such speeds. Yet the mass of matter of which they are a part, remains constant. How? Become a light beam, find out!

Matthew;yes, well, we have parrot plagues at times and they give me a headache. I think I am correct in saying (in regard to one or two others’ posts) 1) Newtonian and the more sophisticated Einsteinian descriptions of gravity are of an observed phenomenon, always constant and predictable, able to be described in its effects mathematically, the source or engine of which has never been determined mathematically. No-one knows what it is; but scientists are all but certain that it is not a waveform, like light or other quanta. As an aside, ‘gravity waves’ to my knowledge are nothing more than faint fluctuations of gravity caused by sudden movements of stupendously large bodies.

Interesting point regarding Higgs’s field which is supposed to give mass. Does giving something mass, account for gravitational attraction? I am completely in the dark, but intuitively doubt that it will be straightforward. I can only understand quantum concepts intuitively. Coming to the speed-of-light-mass question: the mass does indeed increase, but as you say, it is ‘relativistic mass’. The mass increases in a frame of reference which is the frame of reference of the speeding electron, not the frame of reference of the casual, stationary observer. Here of course is the foundation of Relativity. Light in all its wavelengths travels through Space at one set speed. No matter how fast a measuring device is propelled anywhere in Space, it always measures the speed of any light beam (in Space) at exactly the set speed of light. Thus, time changes, light does not. Light beams are slightly bent by very large objects but is this because of gravity or because light is part of the definition of space-time, and therefore defines gravity in some way? I suspect a link between light, Higgs’s field, and gravity.


I say, this is wizard. Thankyou for running this forum, Mr. G.. Let us set down the facts.
1) The most understandable verbalization of Higgs’s I have read is an analogy to items moving through molasses. Some of the molasses sticks, causing the items to have mass. Travel is defined by time and distance. Time could be the significant factor.
2) Time is a created phenomenon. God himself is outside time.
3) Gravity is the ‘pillar’ which lends substance to the things about us. God holds one ‘end’ of the pillar: the other end is gravitational acceleration, mathematically quantifiable.
4) Therefore, since God is eternal, or outside time, gravity, which is an aspect of God at work, can probably be explained in a frame where time has no effect or perhaps comes into and out of existence. This ties with Relativity. It also aligns with travel through molasses. Travel is time related. Time can vary: the universal constant, the speed of light, cannot.

Higgs’s will presumably become decipherable if we factor in time as a variable which can approach zero? Time becoming zero is a divine aspect. On the last day, time shall cease –and what shall coincidentally happen? The universe shall dismaterialize. Time is written into the fabric of gravity.

Thanks for solving it, Dick. I suppose SMH will be pleased to allow me to publish this.

Think about light for a moment, contributors to the verbo-pile. Can light be absorbed by darkness? If a photon is never corrupted or degraded in any way, can all the darkness in the universe stop it? Although the darkness may appear to destroy it, does it destroy it? Can it destroy it? Does the sun, a type or figure of Christ, appear to be destroyed, every day? Does it rise again?

O.K., Ockham’s : as I see it from what you have raised, ‘dark matter’ [helping hold galaxies together] and ‘dark energy’ [driving expansion] are some as yet unexplained feature of space-time, intimately bound up with the nature of matter itself, yet not detectable as matter? Interestingly, NASA, I see, is claiming evidence of dark matter during some sort of galaxial big event when space-time must have been doing some gymnastics.

“In addition to the Chandra observation, the ………. and the Magellan optical telescopes were used to determine the location of the mass in the clusters. This was done by measuring the effect of gravitational lensing, where gravity from the clusters distorts light from background galaxies as predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

The hot gas in this collision was slowed by a drag force, similar to air resistance. In contrast, the dark matter was not slowed by the impact, because it does not interact directly with itself or the gas except through gravity. This produced the separation of the dark and normal matter seen in the data. If hot gas was the most massive component in the clusters, as proposed by alternative gravity theories, such a separation would not have been seen. Instead, dark matter is required.”

As I dimly perceive it, dark matter must be some feature of space-time which somehow gets to be associated with large aggregations of matter in Space and gives them a sort of balance or cohesion, staving off chaos. Space-times’ ability to respond to the need for balance. Dark energy on the other hand I perceive as an expansive factor written into the universe, almost like yeast, which actually ‘feeds itself’’ in an almost exponential manner. Properties of space-time. If we knew how light was/is ‘separated’ from darkness, the picture might clarify? Cheers.


philip bruce heywood
Postscript: in other words: Space-Time appears to be designed something like a loaf of bread in which  yeast causes increasing expansion.  Another analogy might be a spreading tree?  Whatever it is that causes increasing expansion might be more understandable if we understood how it is that light and darkness were manufactured and mathematically divided in the first place?  As the expansion goes on, it might build on itself, like yeast?  If the yeast analogy is correct, the final collapse of everything at some future, unknown time, is logical.

Meanwhile, to stop wild chaotic behavior by untold numbers of hurtling cricket balls, it almost seems that clusters of hurtling balls (galaxy clusters) trigger an effect known as dark matter.    Built-in self correction?

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Less in the Dark about Dark Matter?

Which is the most difficult to find? The majorana particle or Majorana himself?

What is so mysterious about Majorana himself?

 The Italian physicist Ettore Majorana was a brilliant theorist who showed great insight into physics at a young age. He discovered a hitherto unknown solution to the equations from which quantum scientists deduce elementary particles: the Majorana fermion. Practically all theoretic particles that are predicted by quantum theory have been found in the last decades, with just a few exceptions, including the enigmatic Majorana particle and the well-known Higgs boson. But Ettore Majorana the person is every bit as mysterious as the particle. In 1938 he withdrew all his money and disappeared during a boat trip from Palermo to Naples. Whether he killed himself, was murdered or lived on under a different identity is still not known. No trace of Majorana was ever found. (ScienceDaily)

Now you see him, now you don’t, just like his particle.

Unless you are an absolute mathematical genius, which is not remotely the status of the author of this entry, you won’t understand the following Wikipedia extract. But it is not necessary to understand the mathematics to understand the topic. Galileo understood that we live in a mathematical universe and he acknowledged that it is mathematical because its Creator is rational and real. For a physical universe such as ours to exist in the midst of Eternity something along the lines of the majorana particle is inevitable.

Extracted from Wikipedia:

A Majorana fermion is a fermion that is its own anti-particle. The term is sometimes used in opposition to Dirac fermion, which describes particles that differ from their antiparticles.

The concept goes back to Ettore Majorana’s 1937 suggestion[1] that neutral spin-1/2 particles can be described by a real wave equation (the Majorana equation), and would therefore be identical to their antiparticle (since the wave function of particle and antiparticle are related by complex conjugation).

Why are these subatomic or quantum particles so elusive? Because they are specific quantities of vibrancy which are designed to mesh together in such a way as to form solid matter. Of themselves they are not solid matter even though they may have a tiny amount of mass.

A ‘particle’ which is its own anti-particle and therefore is strictly neither matter nor anti-matter just might have some bearing on the hypothetical substance called dark matter. The latest off the presses is that the particle has been detected. This is a remarkable achievement given that some of these quanta spend the time of day deliberately avoiding being detected!

Nanoscientist Leo Kouwenhoven already caused great excitement among scientists in February by presenting the preliminary results at a scientific congress. Today, the scientists have published their research in Science. The research was financed by the FOM Foundation and Microsoft.

Majorana fermions are very interesting — not only because their discovery opens up a new and uncharted chapter of fundamental physics; they may also play a role in cosmology. A proposed theory assumes that the mysterious ‘dark matter’, which forms the greatest part of the universe, is composed of Majorana fermions. Furthermore, scientists view the particles as fundamental building blocks for the quantum computer. Such a computer is far more powerful than the best supercomputer, but only exists in theory so far. Contrary to an ‘ordinary’ quantum computer, a quantum computer based on Majorana fermions is exceptionally stable and barely sensitive to external influences.

For the first time, scientists in Leo Kouwenhoven’s research group managed to create a nanoscale electronic device in which a pair of Majorana fermions ‘appear’ at either end of a nanowire. They did this by combining an extremely small nanowire, made by colleagues from Eindhoven University of Technology, with a superconducting material and a strong magnetic field. “The measurements of the particle at the ends of the nanowire cannot otherwise be explained than through the presence of a pair of Majorana fermions,” says Leo Kouwenhoven. (ScienceDaily)

The universe is a mathematical expression, and what an expression!

So, can the elusive particle deduced by the elusive Majorana, tell us anything about dark matter?

It is mathematical, nevertheless it is real — it is a particle.  The same can be said of other particles smaller than the atom – ‘quanta’.  Many of these quanta (light excluded) have mass – although they are concurrently a waveform.  They are designed so that under the appropriate conditions they mesh together to form atoms.  Herein lies perhaps the most puzzling conundrum of modern Physics.

Gravity, as we know, acts upon all objects without exception in proportion  to their mass.  But, ‘objects’, seemingly, does not refer to subatomic quanta.  Subatomic quanta, such as electrons, protons, majorana particles,  etc,  are not dragged upon and slowed by gravity, as are larger objects.  Until we graduate to something of the size and nature of the atom, gravity does not have its full everyday effect.  If gravity was constantly dragging upon and slowing electrons, the electrons would eventually cease orbiting the nucleus and matter would collapse.   The earth spins around the sun in a vacuum – yet it is imperceptibly slowing due to the interactive pull of the other planets and the tidal interaction with the sun.  Quanta such as electrons are often in close proximity to each other in great numbers, so, if gravitational effects such as those influencing the planets were fully operational, the quanta would eventually slow and fall in a heap.  The universe could not go on.

It may be deduced, that gravity is somehow defined by matter.  It will exert force upon a group of atoms: will it exert force in the same sense upon the components of those atoms if the atoms are dismembered into certain types of quanta?

Is it actually ‘dark matter’ that the cosmologists are searching for, or is it ‘dark gravity’ —  a force that varies according to the configuration of the components of the matter?

We need not expect to see dark matter advertised on supermarket shelves any time soon.

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In the Dark About Dark Matter

Extract from Science-Daily

Dark Matter Mystery Deepens 

ScienceDaily (Oct. 17, 2011)— Like all galaxies, our Milky Way is home to a strange substance called dark matter. Dark matter is invisible, betraying its presence only through its gravitational pull. Without dark matter holding them together, our galaxy’s speedy stars would fly off in all directions. The nature of dark matter is a mystery — a mystery that a new study has only deepened.

“After completing this study, we know less about dark matter than we did before,” said lead author Matt Walker, a Hubble Fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. …………………….

Previous to this, from NASA:

Aug. 21, 2006 RELEASE : 06-297

  NASA Finds Direct Proof of Dark Matter

Dark matter and normal matter have been wrenched apart [not the words everyone would employ in the circumstances – Ed.] by the tremendous collision of two large clusters of galaxies. The discovery, using NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes, gives direct evidence for the existence of dark matter.

“This is the most energetic cosmic event, besides the Big Bang, which we know about,” said team member Maxim Markevitch of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass. …………

Obviously they haven’t heard about the rugby finals but what they are talking about is rugby  where the ball traces a trajectory not predicted by the known parameters.  Invisible player.

The current overwhelming majority of our universe, it seems, is, literally, invisible – detectable only by the effects it produces. That’s if the observed effects aren’t produced by something someone failed to factor in.

All the measurements suggest that invisible rubber bands  are doing things out there.  The best guess at present is that the controlling effect is coming from something that has the gravitational effect of stupendous quantities of matter — here, there, and everywhere(?)

It’s enough to incline a person towards lying on the floor and laughing uproariously.

If you were Sherlock Holmes or if you were Doctor Watson you might right now be saying something like: “Anti-matter has gravitational properties the same as matter, but no-one thinks it is anti-matter because the anti-matter should long since have encountered matter and everything should have ceased to exist”.  “It’s not anti-light because there is strictly no such object as an anti-photon [light can cancel, but that has to do with wave behaviour, not particle behavior] and besides, light has zero mass”.  “It isn’t ‘spent’ light – if indeed light  ever ‘tires’, which is debated — because light has zero mass”.     “Perhaps it is a sort of anti-universe spread throughout the universe, where everything travels faster than the speed of light and time goes backwards?” “Yes, Watson, but according to Einstein’s equations, nothing with mass can attain the speed of light.”  No mass, no gravitation.  “So, why does light bend slightly when travelling past large objects?”  “Watson, confound it, you know that has to do with Einsteinian Relativity and we don’t wish to make fools of ourselves here.    Light is essential to the definition of the universe, it is not defined by the universe.”

“So, why is it dark? “  “Because we are in the dark room, developing these prints for the C.I.B.”

“I mean, at night.”  “Ah, Watson.  You mean, the observable phenomenon of darkness, implying, absence of light?”

“Yes; but that won’t do either, Holmes.  You know we are in an expanding universe, thousands of millions of years old, with almost countless light sources.  Shouldn’t Space out there be filled with light?  And shouldn’t the light be constantly reaching the earth, day and night?”

“If everything is moving away from everything else at a great rate, the light is constantly being diluted by darkness.  We have a dark night sky because the stars have withdrawn from us.”

“Yet, as far as we know, light, although it can change in wavelength and therefore in colour, is tireless and never stops travelling.  Countless billions of stars – shouldn’t the night sky be solid with them?”

“You make a point.  Could there be any other cause of a dark night sky, other than expansion?”

“As you know, Holmes, to explain this proposed dark matter, it has been suggested that Space abounds in subatomic particles, heavier than light, but not entirely dissimilar to it – quarks, bosons, wimps, gluons ……”

“Perhaps Space is expanding in a way that doesn’t allow the light to stick to it?   That’s why we need more gluons.  Best theory yet.   Sailing upon the tranquil celestial sea  with a wimp, a quark, and a Higgs’s boson.  Lestrade, by this photograph, looks as though he has collared a few of them.”

“In the night?”

“It’s the best time to collar wimps, quarks, and especially, Higgs’s boson .”


Question – one that Conan Doyle might have asked, had he lived in our times.  How, but how, can the bulk of the universe be invisible and mysterious?

The short answer – who knows?  Here is a longer answer, which is a digression. The physical universe is not infinite.  It was created at the beginning of time and will dismaterialize (with indescribable noise and the appearance of universal fire) on the day time ends.  “Heaven and Earth shall pass away: my word shall not pass away.”

Items such as Space, light, and darkness, were therefore created –not in the midst of nothing, but in the midst of Eternity.  Eternity is a not defined in terms of physical space and time, nor of light and darkness.

Thus, it is possible to transmit signals to spacecraft through the seeming void of Space – Space is not nothing. Nothing cannot transmit signals.   The universe has been designed for electromagnetic signalling.  A vacuum (such as Space) appears void, yet, as the Nobel Prizewinners mentioned in the Sciencedaily article below have now shown, this seeming void has been designed with transmission capability.

Extract from Science-Daily

Light Created from a Vacuum: Casimir Effect Observed in Superconducting Circuit

ScienceDaily (Nov. 18, 2011) — Scientists at Chalmers have succeeded in creating light from vacuum — observing an effect first predicted over 40 years ago. In an innovative experiment, the scientists have managed to capture some of the photons that are constantly appearing and disappearing in the vacuum.

The results have been published in the journal Nature.
The experiment is based on one of the most counterintuitive, yet, one of the most important principles in quantum mechanics: that vacuum is by no means empty nothingness. In fact, the vacuum is full of various particles that are continuously fluctuating in and out of existence. They appear, exist for a brief moment and then disappear again. Since their existence is so fleeting, they are usually referred to as virtual particles.
Chalmers scientist, Christopher Wilson and his co-workers have succeeded in getting photons to leave their virtual state and become real photons, i.e. measurable light. The physicist Moore predicted way back in 1970 that this should happen if the virtual photons are allowed to bounce off a mirror that is moving at a speed that is almost as high as the speed of light. The phenomenon, known as the dynamical Casimir effect, has now been observed for the first time in a brilliant experiment conducted by the Chalmers scientists.
“Since it’s not possible to get a mirror to move fast enough, we’ve developed another method for achieving the same effect,” explains Per Delsing, Professor of Experimental Physics at Chalmers. “Instead of varying the physical distance to a mirror, we’ve varied the electrical distance to an electrical short circuit that acts as a mirror for microwaves.”
The “mirror” consists of a quantum electronic component referred to as a SQUID (Superconducting quantum interference device), which is extremely sensitive to magnetic fields. By changing the direction of the magnetic field several billions of times a second the scientists were able to make the “mirror” vibrate at a speed of up to 25 percent of the speed of light.
“The result was that photons appeared in pairs from the vacuum, which we were able to measure in the form of microwave radiation,” says Per Delsing. “We were also able to establish that the radiation had precisely the same properties that quantum theory says it should have when photons appear in pairs in this way.”
What happens during the experiment is that the “mirror” transfers some of its kinetic energy to virtual photons, which helps them to materialize. According to quantum mechanics, there are many different types of virtual particles in vacuum, as mentioned earlier. Göran Johansson, Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics, explains that the reason why photons appear in the experiment is that they lack mass.
“Relatively little energy is therefore required in order to excite them out of their virtual state. In principle, one could also create other particles from vacuum, such as electrons or protons, but that would require a lot more energy.”
The scientists find the photons that appear in pairs in the experiment interesting to study in closer detail. They can perhaps be of use in the research field of quantum information, which includes the development of quantum computers.
However, the main value of the experiment is that it increases our understanding of basic physical concepts, such as vacuum fluctuations — the constant appearance and disappearance of virtual particles in vacuum. It is believed that vacuum fluctuations may have a connection with “dark energy” which drives the accelerated expansion of the universe. The discovery of this acceleration was recognised this year with the awarding of the nobel prize in physics.

There is a way.  Hence, “a way for the lightning of thunder”: and, “by what way is the light parted…?”, Job 38: 25,24.  Does that way have anything to do with the elusive, mysterious “dark matter”?

For an expanding (=everywhere inflating) universe to continue, its creation must have had, written into it, some constant, ongoing, sustaining action of the Divine, which constantly gives it form within the non-physical  dimension of Eternity.   Hence, all things are constantly upheld “by the word of his power”.  God himself, “bears  up the pillars of the Earth”, Ps.75:3.    This is why gravity ultimately is not definable from the properties of matter: it is an aspect of space/time, the sustenance of which is — God constantly in action.  When we look into the dark night sky, we are not looking at the darkness that was before time.  We are not looking into Eternity.  We are looking at the firmament, or expansion, which God created – with an ongoing action.  “I form the light, and create darkness”, Isa.45:7.  Note the present tense.  There is a parallel here to “I uphold the pillars thereof”, which is also present tense, describing an ongoing process which was activated at creation.  Thus, there is, scripturally, a link between darkness and gravity.  Here is something further in the present tense,  which interweaves the expanding universe, gravity, and the sky (firmament).  “He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing” Job 26:7.  Note the present tense.  Space itself is a manifestation of a constantly maintained, expansive process.  Gravity, and the creation of darkness, are intertwined in the  expansion.  The elusive “dark matter” (whether it is matter or some unsuspected factor) is involved, because of its major gravitational significance.

Is there such a substance as ‘dark matter’?  You are asking the wrong person.  The Scriptures may or may not mention ‘dark matter’.  It depends upon one’s interpretation of the words.  Light was “divided” from “darkness” Gen.1:4.   Divided is a significant word suggestive of mathematical precision. It may have implications in Physics.  Perhaps the nearest to a possible direct confirmation of dark matter, is, Job 28:3: “He setteth an end to darkness, and searcheth out all perfection: the stones of darkness, and the shadow of death.”   If there are “stones” of physical “darkness”, then there is dark matter.  Stones have weight.  But, then – it’s not really matter that causes gravitational attraction – it’s something to do with space/time, and creation, itself.  “I uphold the pillars thereof…. .”

Whether or not ‘dark matter’ plays a part in ‘upholding the pillars thereof’, the upholding will cease on the last day.  Intuitively, with this much ‘dark matter’ about, it isn’t difficult to envisage the universe dismaterializing without warning.

We might give Sir Walter Scott the final word.

 That day of wrath, that dreadful day

When heaven and earth shall pass away:

What power shall be the sinner’s stay?

How shall we meet that dreadful day?

When, shriveling like a parched scroll,

The flaming heavens together roll,

When louder yet, and yet more dread,

Swells the high trump that wakes the dead.

Oh! On that day, that wrathful day,

When man to judgment wakes from clay,

Be thou, O Christ, the sinner’s stay.

Though heaven and earth shall pass away.

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Australia was a reform school for criminals of Great Britain, which at the time incorporated Southern Ireland.  Further, a small proportion of those who subsequently did not come here in chains, may have done so to avoid coming here in chains!  Australia was  out of sight, out of mind – an almost mythical place where human behaviour could hopefully right itself,  on the other side of the world.    Add to this another surprising twist:  some ‘felons’ may have deliberately committed a felony to get a free passage out here!  This last is rumour rather than fact.  There are the words of a comic song: “There’s the first and the second class passengers.  Knows what us poor convicts go through”.  Life wasn’t easy as we know easy.  Stealing a loaf of bread in those times could literally result in the victim starving to death.  Six months at sea cost money.

The official policy of the British Government was beneficent both towards wrongdoers and the native population, but human nature being human nature, and Australia a pen for criminals and stranded, lonely men ….. . 

The part of Australia most effected was our large island – now known as Tasmania.  There was room for industry, whilst it was difficult for felons to escape.   The offscouring of the prison system, men who undoubtedly should have been executed before doing further damage, were penned in the island – sometimes in the care of men as brutal  as themselves.   What a thankless task, supervising human beings who are beasts!  It is in the written record that one escaped felon or ‘bushranger’ of those times when brought to court for murder,  was restrained with difficulty by four men. 

Tasmania (and several restricted areas of the mainland) was the maximum security wing.

For a time,  a little part of the British Empire went close to losing the rule of British Law.  There was nothing amusing about the situation.  The question could be asked, in the circumstances, was it right to send such men anywhere but to the executioner – was sending them to Tasmania a death sentence for other, innocent people? 

Churchill wrote of Darlan, French Admiral during the Second World War: “Let him rest in peace, and let us all be thankful we have never had to face the trials under which he broke”. 

There are no prizes being handed out for being an expert and a judge through hindsight.  There are raspberries being blown on those who fail to learn through hindsight.

The meagre aboriginal population of Tasmania soon dwindled and died.  The medical cause is unknown, but criminal violence in ‘the bush’, and transmittable diseases, played a part.  The marsupial dog known as the Tasmanian Tiger, found alive only in Tasmania, is reported to have been exterminated through being hunted.   (Elsewhere in Australia, common dogs (dingos) are thought to have caused the extinction.)  The Tasmanian aboriginal, physically distinguishable from his mainland  counterpart, fared no better than his bush co-habitant, the ‘tiger’.  There are reasons to suspect the ‘tiger’ was not in fact shot out but died naturally.  The Tasmanian aboriginal was not deliberately exterminated, but died naturally.  There were criminally motivated persons enough who contributed to the demise but the last remaining aboriginals were humanely cared for by order of the British Government. 

The Tasmanian Aboriginal, and in a similar measure, the free settler, found himself in a predicament not altogether removed from the maximum security wing in a jail. 

The facts of Australian history were accurately and compassionately written down at the time. The ‘correct set’ and the left-wing spin doctors have not been able to get the true records banned.

The people who did the most damage  to the native population were the morally debauched, and the administrations too weak to control crime.   The native peoples of Australia, more than any native peoples anywhere, by definition, were susceptible to exploitation and infiltration by the convict ‘free-loading’ element.  Apart from a few in the more remote parts of Central Australia, and those on the northern fringes of the continent, there are now no peoples here who qualify in a meaningful way as ‘aboriginal’.  It is a term of convenience, which carries dignity and respect – if it isn’t degraded by free-loaders and malcontents. 

The modern Australian media has a triple A rating  — Accusations, Accidents, Adult- only.  It is on the horns of its triple A dilemma.   News broadcasts in Australia have quoted  live Tasmanian aboriginals.  They that have been extinct for well over a hundred years! 

A welcome exception to the nauseating triple A, is journalist  Andrew Bolt.  He  was prosecuted in 2011, under racial vilification legislation, for blowing the whistle on frauds such as this.  The media  reported the national joke against one of its members but to my limited knowledge did not have the courage even to state the documented facts of history.  I hope I am incorrect.

The only vilification involved was on the part of the ‘white blackfellas’,  unfortunate  judges, and left wing tubthumpers who  are stuck on triple A, and can’t get past B – for bull.  On that topic; we had a P.M. here by the name of Hawke.  Unlike Whitlam (the abusive, wrecking discoverer of the vote potential of aborigines),  Hawke could sell coal to Newcastle, and sweet-talk tears out of a stone –especially if it was a female stone.  In Parliament he was in full flight about aboriginal land rights and that standing joke, sacred sites, with the novel and mysterious god(?) ‘Bulla’ as part of the spout.   A wag on the Opposition benches summarized his spruke: “You are a born-again buller.”  

The people who are in reality vilified by these fraudulent claims are every honest person and every self-respecting person with aboriginal ancestry.  

Since people are all agog to dob others in to the thought police, I thought I would try to get dobbed, myself.  We have, in Australia, like the ‘white blackfella’ movement, a fashionable move to be  self-proclaimed homosexuals.  I can’t say I’m an expert on the topic and don’t wish to become so.  I have enough trouble with life-controlling impulses and all the rest of it.  You could tell me to my face that I am an abomination and it wouldn’t even register.  There is no word devised by Man that can  give an inkling of the pure terror of sin confronted by perfection.  The nearest thing in the created world I know of, is anti-matter being confronted by matter.  The one must annihilate the other.  It is obvious which one prevails.   There is no way out of it – either total perfection, or eternal annihilation.

This business of being holier than thou and tracking your filthy hobnailed boots through everyone’s lounge room grows tiresome. Since when did being a crook or a thief or a boozer entitle anyone to get into the private lives of the citizenry out there?  This isn’t merely personal problems – it’s national treachery.  Philby, Blunt,  & co., traitors.    I don’t mean the proposed personal difficulty is treachery: the political fashion being tacked to the supposition that one has a personal problem, is ruinous.  Personal problems are meant to be conquered through personal faith: not only does this latest homo-fashion deny personal miracles and personal improvement: it demands that we all throw in the sponge alongside the self-defeated illuminati.  These people, especially the ones practising in public and in Parliament, vilify and condemn Australia every day.  A clear case of vilification exists – against them.   Anyone, heterosexual or homosexual,  who advocates childhood without the natural parents being involved and if at all possible, being known to the child, has disqualified himself from the Human Species.

But there is a completely sinister undertone.  The same people and policymakers so bent on the banishment of natural marriage, tend to have a history of advocating pornography.  One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the pornography industry aims at younger and younger feedstuff.  One does not need a diploma in rocketry to intuitively understand the ultimate goal. Overthrowing marriage is small change.  It gratifies the desire for anarchy but it does not gratify lust.  The push to overthrow secure family is the surface expression of a deep seated desire to throw off all restraints in regards to the protection of children.  Can human beings be so degraded?  History does not lie.  Stalin’s chief of police was a totally sadistic sexual deviant.  Hitler was supported by perverts and child experimenters.  Political power can be motivated by the darkest criminality.  This class of criminality is being openly embraced by a few Australian parliamentarians at this moment. 

As a parent I made mistakes.  I wouldn’t have blamed my children if at times they wished to disown me.  Mistakes or not: adults need children, and vice-versa.  Personal relationship is part of the definition of God himself.    There is nothing noble about being heterosexual.  The need to reproduce and to be surrounded with children is simply an inescapable part of the species.  We all need family.   God has a way.  The Destroyer has a fake.  Same sex ‘marriage’ vilifies Humanity.  Mindless  persecution of individuals because they appear different or are supposed to be ‘queer’ also vilifies Humanity.     Here is a question.  Lawyers and judges may ponder.  How is anti-‘queers’ bullying suppressed  by legislation that effectively frets away atnormalparenting?

The Bible says things we mostly have taken for granted.  Every child is entitled if at all possible to know its parents.  Every adult is entitled if at all possible to have physical children. (Some people who do not have physical children, make up for it by constructively parenting others’ children.)  Every couple coming together in marriage is entitled to know if at all possible whether they are not too closely related to be a legal and suitable match.  These are basic human rights.  Destroy these rights, and end humane society.  It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense – and what the homo-anarchists and hetero-anarchists are doing is—abomination.  But, like all of us, they are on a two-way street.  Traffic is permitted to go in the opposite direction.

LEVITICUS 18.  [The phrase, ‘uncover nakedness’, equals sexual relationship.  The reference to Molech is human sacrifice, in this case, of children].

These are not empty words.

There was a time not long past when the U.S. economy was king, and venereal disease was, medically speaking, on the back foot.   A public figure and man of God, David Wilkerson, through whom God  worked miracles of redemption and many acts of compassion, said something to the effect that unless there was repentance (direction reversal on that two-way street),  the U.S. banks would stumble and there would be unprecedented venereal-type disease.    The vision he was shown, was widely published – well before Aids or bank bail-outs.

 AIDS, of course, is with us partly thanks to rampant homosexuality.  Rampant homosexuality is with us thanks to rampant materialistic idolatry (Ro.1:18-32). AIDS costs the world billions of dollars annually.  More than ten thousand people, some of whom were not sexual deviants and some of whom were infants, died miserably, even while medical science was groping in the dark, trying to identify the cause.  How many innocents have died since?  Mass death; mass impoverishment.  Could this possibly be abominable?

 The land is capable of spewing out people.  Do nations die?  Do climates degenerate?  Does the Earth itself, shudder?  But that street is two-way – if we can get to turn.

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Owen A#1

One of the intriguing questions that has exercised the mind of humanity is HOW species came about. Drawing inspiration from biblical texts, CreationTheory puts forward a model of species revelation referred to as Signalled Evolution. This model also draws inspiration from the work of Sir Richard Owen (contemporary of Darwin). Looking at similarities between vertebrates, Sir Richard hypothesized a common structural plan for all vertebrates. He referred to this plan as the “archetype” (pictured).  The archetype was his attempt at reconstructing the skeletal plan that he felt must have existed in the mind of the Divine and been modified to produce the vertebrate species. Research is pointing towards the existence of a genetic
‘transformer’, an archetype that was involved in the expression of new
species on earth.

Watch this space as the mechanics of the transformation process — reliant entirely on I.T. — are discovered. The mechanism is even now beginning to be discerned. The following article, published October 14, 2011, (ScienceDaily) examining the first 48 hours of embryo development, uncovers a mechanism so precise that “even the smallest change would end up leading to the emergence of a new species.”


 QUOTE, “……The process is astonishingly simple. In the embryo’s first moments, the Hox genes are dormant, packaged like a spool of wound yarn on the DNA. When the time is right, the strand begins to unwind. When the embryo begins to form the upper levels, the genes encoding the formation of cervical vertebrae come off the spool and become activated. Then it is the thoracic vertebrae’s turn, and so on down to the tailbone. The DNA strand acts a bit like an old-fashioned computer punchcard, delivering specific instructions as it progressively goes through the machine.

“A new gene comes out of the spool every ninety minutes, which corresponds to the time needed for a new layer of the embryo to be built,” explains Duboule. “It takes two days for the strand to completely unwind; this is the same time that’s needed for all the layers of the embryo to be completed.”

This system is the first “mechanical” clock ever discovered in genetics. And it explains why the system is so remarkably precise.

This discovery is the result of many years of work. Under the direction of Duboule and Daniël Noordermeer, the team analyzed thousands of Hox gene spools. With assistance from the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, the scientists were able to compile huge quantities of data and model the structure of the spool and how it unwinds over time.

 ……The Hox clock is a demonstration of the extraordinary complexity of evolution. One notable property of the mechanism is its extreme stability, explains Duboule. “Circadian or menstrual clocks involve complex chemistry. They can thus adapt to changing contexts, but in a general sense are fairly imprecise. The mechanism that we have discovered must be infinitely more stable and precise. Even the smallest change would end up leading to the emergence of a new species.””

Read the final sentence, above.  Already there are indicators of the (I.T.) mechanisms called for to make that ‘smallest change’ – see my site.

Evolution implicates machines – information machines – I.T. That’s Owen:
that’s Signalled Evolution. An I.T.mechanism, presumably acting on brand
new embryos. Other complementary I.T. presumably involved environmental
information scanned into the information carriers in the sex cells, plus
tripping of the ‘combination lock’ of species. This led to a new species –
within the womb or egg of the old species — and the old or carrier species
was so similar to the new, if its autoimmune system was re-programmed to be
conformable, it could rear the new! Meanwhile, each new species, being an
outcome of pre-existing information married with pre-existing life, was a
special creation in its own right. That’s Genesis, exactly.

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