Australia was a reform school for criminals of Great Britain, which at the time incorporated Southern Ireland.  Further, a small proportion of those who subsequently did not come here in chains, may have done so to avoid coming here in chains!  Australia was  out of sight, out of mind – an almost mythical place where human behaviour could hopefully right itself,  on the other side of the world.    Add to this another surprising twist:  some ‘felons’ may have deliberately committed a felony to get a free passage out here!  This last is rumour rather than fact.  There are the words of a comic song: “There’s the first and the second class passengers.  Knows what us poor convicts go through”.  Life wasn’t easy as we know easy.  Stealing a loaf of bread in those times could literally result in the victim starving to death.  Six months at sea cost money.

The official policy of the British Government was beneficent both towards wrongdoers and the native population, but human nature being human nature, and Australia a pen for criminals and stranded, lonely men ….. . 

The part of Australia most effected was our large island – now known as Tasmania.  There was room for industry, whilst it was difficult for felons to escape.   The offscouring of the prison system, men who undoubtedly should have been executed before doing further damage, were penned in the island – sometimes in the care of men as brutal  as themselves.   What a thankless task, supervising human beings who are beasts!  It is in the written record that one escaped felon or ‘bushranger’ of those times when brought to court for murder,  was restrained with difficulty by four men. 

Tasmania (and several restricted areas of the mainland) was the maximum security wing.

For a time,  a little part of the British Empire went close to losing the rule of British Law.  There was nothing amusing about the situation.  The question could be asked, in the circumstances, was it right to send such men anywhere but to the executioner – was sending them to Tasmania a death sentence for other, innocent people? 

Churchill wrote of Darlan, French Admiral during the Second World War: “Let him rest in peace, and let us all be thankful we have never had to face the trials under which he broke”. 

There are no prizes being handed out for being an expert and a judge through hindsight.  There are raspberries being blown on those who fail to learn through hindsight.

The meagre aboriginal population of Tasmania soon dwindled and died.  The medical cause is unknown, but criminal violence in ‘the bush’, and transmittable diseases, played a part.  The marsupial dog known as the Tasmanian Tiger, found alive only in Tasmania, is reported to have been exterminated through being hunted.   (Elsewhere in Australia, common dogs (dingos) are thought to have caused the extinction.)  The Tasmanian aboriginal, physically distinguishable from his mainland  counterpart, fared no better than his bush co-habitant, the ‘tiger’.  There are reasons to suspect the ‘tiger’ was not in fact shot out but died naturally.  The Tasmanian aboriginal was not deliberately exterminated, but died naturally.  There were criminally motivated persons enough who contributed to the demise but the last remaining aboriginals were humanely cared for by order of the British Government. 

The Tasmanian Aboriginal, and in a similar measure, the free settler, found himself in a predicament not altogether removed from the maximum security wing in a jail. 

The facts of Australian history were accurately and compassionately written down at the time. The ‘correct set’ and the left-wing spin doctors have not been able to get the true records banned.

The people who did the most damage  to the native population were the morally debauched, and the administrations too weak to control crime.   The native peoples of Australia, more than any native peoples anywhere, by definition, were susceptible to exploitation and infiltration by the convict ‘free-loading’ element.  Apart from a few in the more remote parts of Central Australia, and those on the northern fringes of the continent, there are now no peoples here who qualify in a meaningful way as ‘aboriginal’.  It is a term of convenience, which carries dignity and respect – if it isn’t degraded by free-loaders and malcontents. 

The modern Australian media has a triple A rating  — Accusations, Accidents, Adult- only.  It is on the horns of its triple A dilemma.   News broadcasts in Australia have quoted  live Tasmanian aboriginals.  They that have been extinct for well over a hundred years! 

A welcome exception to the nauseating triple A, is journalist  Andrew Bolt.  He  was prosecuted in 2011, under racial vilification legislation, for blowing the whistle on frauds such as this.  The media  reported the national joke against one of its members but to my limited knowledge did not have the courage even to state the documented facts of history.  I hope I am incorrect.

The only vilification involved was on the part of the ‘white blackfellas’,  unfortunate  judges, and left wing tubthumpers who  are stuck on triple A, and can’t get past B – for bull.  On that topic; we had a P.M. here by the name of Hawke.  Unlike Whitlam (the abusive, wrecking discoverer of the vote potential of aborigines),  Hawke could sell coal to Newcastle, and sweet-talk tears out of a stone –especially if it was a female stone.  In Parliament he was in full flight about aboriginal land rights and that standing joke, sacred sites, with the novel and mysterious god(?) ‘Bulla’ as part of the spout.   A wag on the Opposition benches summarized his spruke: “You are a born-again buller.”  

The people who are in reality vilified by these fraudulent claims are every honest person and every self-respecting person with aboriginal ancestry.  

Since people are all agog to dob others in to the thought police, I thought I would try to get dobbed, myself.  We have, in Australia, like the ‘white blackfella’ movement, a fashionable move to be  self-proclaimed homosexuals.  I can’t say I’m an expert on the topic and don’t wish to become so.  I have enough trouble with life-controlling impulses and all the rest of it.  You could tell me to my face that I am an abomination and it wouldn’t even register.  There is no word devised by Man that can  give an inkling of the pure terror of sin confronted by perfection.  The nearest thing in the created world I know of, is anti-matter being confronted by matter.  The one must annihilate the other.  It is obvious which one prevails.   There is no way out of it – either total perfection, or eternal annihilation.

This business of being holier than thou and tracking your filthy hobnailed boots through everyone’s lounge room grows tiresome. Since when did being a crook or a thief or a boozer entitle anyone to get into the private lives of the citizenry out there?  This isn’t merely personal problems – it’s national treachery.  Philby, Blunt,  & co., traitors.    I don’t mean the proposed personal difficulty is treachery: the political fashion being tacked to the supposition that one has a personal problem, is ruinous.  Personal problems are meant to be conquered through personal faith: not only does this latest homo-fashion deny personal miracles and personal improvement: it demands that we all throw in the sponge alongside the self-defeated illuminati.  These people, especially the ones practising in public and in Parliament, vilify and condemn Australia every day.  A clear case of vilification exists – against them.   Anyone, heterosexual or homosexual,  who advocates childhood without the natural parents being involved and if at all possible, being known to the child, has disqualified himself from the Human Species.

But there is a completely sinister undertone.  The same people and policymakers so bent on the banishment of natural marriage, tend to have a history of advocating pornography.  One does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand that the pornography industry aims at younger and younger feedstuff.  One does not need a diploma in rocketry to intuitively understand the ultimate goal. Overthrowing marriage is small change.  It gratifies the desire for anarchy but it does not gratify lust.  The push to overthrow secure family is the surface expression of a deep seated desire to throw off all restraints in regards to the protection of children.  Can human beings be so degraded?  History does not lie.  Stalin’s chief of police was a totally sadistic sexual deviant.  Hitler was supported by perverts and child experimenters.  Political power can be motivated by the darkest criminality.  This class of criminality is being openly embraced by a few Australian parliamentarians at this moment. 

As a parent I made mistakes.  I wouldn’t have blamed my children if at times they wished to disown me.  Mistakes or not: adults need children, and vice-versa.  Personal relationship is part of the definition of God himself.    There is nothing noble about being heterosexual.  The need to reproduce and to be surrounded with children is simply an inescapable part of the species.  We all need family.   God has a way.  The Destroyer has a fake.  Same sex ‘marriage’ vilifies Humanity.  Mindless  persecution of individuals because they appear different or are supposed to be ‘queer’ also vilifies Humanity.     Here is a question.  Lawyers and judges may ponder.  How is anti-‘queers’ bullying suppressed  by legislation that effectively frets away atnormalparenting?

The Bible says things we mostly have taken for granted.  Every child is entitled if at all possible to know its parents.  Every adult is entitled if at all possible to have physical children. (Some people who do not have physical children, make up for it by constructively parenting others’ children.)  Every couple coming together in marriage is entitled to know if at all possible whether they are not too closely related to be a legal and suitable match.  These are basic human rights.  Destroy these rights, and end humane society.  It’s not rocket science, it’s common sense – and what the homo-anarchists and hetero-anarchists are doing is—abomination.  But, like all of us, they are on a two-way street.  Traffic is permitted to go in the opposite direction.

LEVITICUS 18.  [The phrase, ‘uncover nakedness’, equals sexual relationship.  The reference to Molech is human sacrifice, in this case, of children].

These are not empty words.

There was a time not long past when the U.S. economy was king, and venereal disease was, medically speaking, on the back foot.   A public figure and man of God, David Wilkerson, through whom God  worked miracles of redemption and many acts of compassion, said something to the effect that unless there was repentance (direction reversal on that two-way street),  the U.S. banks would stumble and there would be unprecedented venereal-type disease.    The vision he was shown, was widely published – well before Aids or bank bail-outs.

 AIDS, of course, is with us partly thanks to rampant homosexuality.  Rampant homosexuality is with us thanks to rampant materialistic idolatry (Ro.1:18-32). AIDS costs the world billions of dollars annually.  More than ten thousand people, some of whom were not sexual deviants and some of whom were infants, died miserably, even while medical science was groping in the dark, trying to identify the cause.  How many innocents have died since?  Mass death; mass impoverishment.  Could this possibly be abominable?

 The land is capable of spewing out people.  Do nations die?  Do climates degenerate?  Does the Earth itself, shudder?  But that street is two-way – if we can get to turn.

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  1. Hi There Philip Bruce Heywood,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, Analyze the impact that discrimination, harassment and vilification can have on marginalized groups of people such as NESB, low socioeconomic and same-sex attracted people?
    It’s for an assignment and i’ve thought for this for awhile and i’m completely stuck on this question.
    Thanks anyways (:

    • If you are serious and have an analysis such as you mention on the drawing board, I respectfully suggest either (a) discern where the examiner is ‘coming from’, and meet his/her expectations; or (b) go to the extraordinary length of attempting to do an actual analysis, based on facts. The world around us is full of facts. Some people get harassed, discriminated against, and vilified, and they rise. Others do the opposite. History and the world around us are packed with examples. E.g., try the Jews vs the Palestinians. Try the persecuted pilgrim fathers who made the best of a bad situation and founded a great nation. What makes the difference between people?

      I saw it written somewhere that those 300 odd (was it?) Greeks etc. who died rather than retreat at Thermopylae, were homosexual. Whether that is true or no, it is certainly possible to have personal problems, yet rise to greatness. Non- English speaking background is incidental.

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